Highways England ran a project to provide a dedicated Tunnel Detection Test Bed at the Southwick Hill Tunnel on the A27.  The test bed enabled suppliers of detection equipment to evaluate their equipment and consisted of 18 test locations spaced at 50 metre intervals  along the two 500 metre bores. The test site had dedicated fibre networking and working ABD radars we provided an edge controller with RS422 over IP network monitoring for the radars and data collation and forwarding to testbed evaluation endpoints as well as collating data in our Hubeleon Device Management System. The system demostrated how radar could be deployed in tunnel applications to automatically alert recovery teams to stranded vehicles or accidents in the tunnel.

The Challenge

The radars communicated via RS422 and had been networked with RS422 over TCP/IP on a fibre network. An edge controller required designing to monitor 18 radars differentiating device by IP address and then streaming the data to 2 endpoints for collection. One endpoint required raw data and exceptional event detection, the other endpoint required raw data collation.

Our role included the design of the system architecture, edge controller server design, application software development and cloud integration via API.

Our Hubeleon Device Management system was then used to record the information.


Hangar 19 proposed  a series of architectures and provided components from our device management platform Hubeleon to record and categorise event data, then visual the results as well as provide in raw data format for wider system integrations.

Skills & Expertise Required

  1. Web engineering
  2. System engineering
  3. Software design
  4. Project planning
  5. App development
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