Electric Vehicle Services

If you have a bespoke requirement for your Electric Vehicle management; then Hangar 19 are the advisers who can help you to best to reach your goal. Our charge point management system Hubeleon provides:

  • Complete charger flexibility – over 38 different chargers supported
  • Utilises Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for greater communication options
  • Supports smart charging and V2G – 3 V2G chargers integrated.
  • Fault monitoring solutions for installers and support staff.

Hubeleon is a software platform developed specifically for chargepoint mananagement solutions. applications. Hubeleon is unique as a manufacturer agnostic solution. It offers the greatest flexibility to our clients by supporting over 38 different chargepoints.

It has been developed in partnership with our clients. This means it has the features which really matter to each user group, including chargepoint owners, installers and individual drivers. It has an easy to user interface, making it easy to find the information you require.

The maintenance section alerts of potential faults with the remote-control functions meaning most issues can be resolved without the need for an engineer to visit the site.

The unique energy management platform enables bespoke settings for the charging points. It can balance load between charging points or charge cycles to enable chargers to be used even when there are grid constraints on the site.

The platform can integrate and manage different devices alongside the core charging point functionality. We have monitored sensor, batteries and other energy products alongside the charging points on the same platform. We have also integrated to a variety of fleet management and business systems to meet our client’s needs.

Hubeleon Features

  • Overview/Dashboards
  • Network and Device Status
  • Fault Management with intelligent Alerting strategies (SMS, email)
  • Remote Management – control of devices, software update deployment
  • Access Control and management through card (RFID), Smartphone App or SMS options
  • Roaming and Interoperability though Open Clearing House Protocol (OCHP)
  • Billing & Revenue generation – tariffs, payment systems and accounting

Different models Supported by Hubeleon

  • No. of Models

Need us to run your chargepoints for you?

Hangar19 offers full service management of EV charge points on behalf of clients. This service is brand named ‘ParknRecharge’.

ParknRecharge is a combination of software platform tools and services to support the operation of EV charging points. These combine to provide businesses with EV charging scheme management for workplaces, fleets or shared residential charging. Our services deal with access management to the chargepoints, utilisation management, remote monitoring and ensuring the uptime and reliable operation of charging points.

Access Management for chargepoints can be provided with RFID cards or through web applications used on mobile browsers or desktops. Our services team offer RFID card supply and distribution for either direct users or as quantities for business that wish to self manage card distribution.

Utilisation is tracked by our market leading chargepoint management system (CPMS) Hubeleon that can provide energy reporting and deal with financial billing where required.

Hubeleon will report energy usage through a web portal, provides facilities to export data in XLSTM, JSON, CSV formats and sends email reports to email addresses configured by the client. Billing for energy use can be performed by ParknRecharge through user billing in our user web applications. Users top up an account balance with funds which are then decremented each time they use a chargepoint. The pricing of the chargepoint use is set by the chargepoint host/owner. The energy costs are then paid to the chargepoint host/owner on a quarterly basis.

In addition to access & utilisation management the Hubeleon CPMS will monitor chargepoints for faults, issues or any indicators that would reduce the performance of the chargepoints and the provision of reliable EV charging. Maintenance or service team responsible for building infrastructure can be notified of the chargepoint state of health and alerted if service or maintenance is required.

Communication Solutions

We have developed a communications module to help those companies who bought non-communicating chargers but now want to benefit from the advantages of a back office or introduce billing. These modules are easily installed and provide a cost effective solution which removes the need for expensive charging point replacement to achieve the latest functionality.

We are happy to discuss all your chargepoint and back office needs and provide independent advice on the best solutions for your need.


We work closely with a range of installation experts who can help you get your charging points installed and running in a professional and safe manner. They can manage the whole process, ensuring back office connections are in place and supporting you with any issues which occur during the installation process.