• Delivered a MaaS platform for E-Car Club which encompassed car club, bike hire and rail services from a single platform
  • User interface enabled journey planning, booking and payments from a single site
  • Behaviour change functionality to nudge people to make better transport choices


E-Car Club offer access to a range of electric vehicles available for hire by the hour 365 day a year, 24 hours of the day. Smartcard and vehicle telemetry systems fitted into the vehicles allow reservation and access to the car with the swipe of an authorised RFID card.

They were the lead partner on an Innovate UK project called Motionhub, aimed at enabling the end-to-end journey. The partners included Hour Bike (by the hour bike sharing), EValu8 Transport Innovations (who ran the Source East charging point network), Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and Transport Systems Catapult.


Both E-Car Club and Hourbike operate distinct back office systems to control their assets and monitor usage. However, customers had to use multiple interfaces to use their assets. To increase patronship, the ability to integrate their service with public transport modes would encourage more people to use their service for local travel for last few mile solutions. If users were also booking rail travel, for example. customers would have to use several transport interfaces, provide debit card details multiple time and design their journey themselves.

E-Car Club, a subsidiary of Europcar, has facilities spread across the UK and aimed bring together partner transport services to offer a national solution for e-Mobility and low environmental impact travel.

Skills & Expertise required

  1. Web engineering
  2. System engineering
  3. Software design
  4. App development
  5. API integration and cloud hosting


To solve the issue, Hangar19 worked with E-Car and built a MaaS platform which linked E-Car Club rental services, Hour Bike’s back office, Raileasy, and the local chargepoint network into a single system. It was created by combining multiple APIs are integrated while building a MaaS integration layer, which made it easier to integrate other services in the future. This enabled a single membership mode, which could be used across the E-Car and Hour Bike services.

 This means visitors to a given location have a full journey planning, information and booking mechanism for their journeys. We created a viable platform for integrating transport services to provide convenient and sustainable transport choices for passengers and enhance end-to-end journey options. The website provided:

  • Advanced journey planning systems encompassing all public transport, bike hire, car club and car hire vehicles options.
  • Booking systems to allow all parts of the journey to be purchased from a single site.
  • ‘Mobility as a Service’ piloting, permitting some/all of the transport modes to act under the MaaS umbrella.
  • Behaviour change functionality to support people to make the shift from conventional transport modes to more sustainable choices.



The Beta launch of the Motionhub App was a success. The demonstrator site was delivered in Southend-on-Sea and included several progressive stages. Bikes and e-bikes were made available 24hours a day, with 3 initial bike stations. 10 electric vehicles were located in up to 5 locations across the town with users utilising public transport within the system too.

 Hangar 19 has continued to work with a number of the members of the consortium on future projects.