Mobility as a Service

  • Facilitating e-mobility hubs with electric vehicle and bike services
  • Integrating planning, booking and payment for public transport with commercial provider services
  • Enhancing the user experience to simplify travel planning and bookings

Simplifying the end-to-end journey has been highlighted as one of the key transport challenges by the Transport System Catapult. Travellers have highlighted the issue of finding the best prices for a journey and difficulties knowing the transport options available to them when they arrive in a new place as key barriers to changing their travel behaviour.

We have developed functionality for MaaS solutions for a number of clients. Through the learning on these projects, we understand the software and business challenges to making successful solutions and the ways to overcome them. This includes working with transport providers to understand their needs and the reassurances they require to be involved in MaaS solutions.

From this basis, we can support projects seeking support with MaaS applications from simple journey planning applications through to combining a range of transport services for bookings and payments into a single platform. We have integrated rail services into MaaS solutions and have a detailed understanding of the parameters required for providing an accreditation-ready solution.

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