We have an excellent track record of delivering innovative solutions to software challenges. We have worked with a range of clients to build new solutions or integrate existing services. We help companies to unlock the full potential of their products by clearly understanding their needs and building software platforms which exceed their expectations.

  • Connected energy systems
  • Vehicle to grid service integrations

We are specialists at integrating systems to provide more efficient delivery of services and extending the performance of a system ecosystem. We build detailed APIs to integrate with any of our systems providing seamless solutions to improve your business processes. We are adept at bringing together transport and energy systems to provide the data required for informed decision making.

Case Study: E Car Club

We delivered a software platform for E-Car Club which helps them to predict the likely charging requirements of their fleet and manage the vehicle availability for V2G services. The solution takes in data from their booking systems, interprets the charge required to fulfil the forthcoming bookings along with typical usage patterns to rate the availability for energy events. It then takes signals from an aggregator which presents the available vehicles and implements the charging patterns required. This maximises the value of both the vehicle bookings and energy events to provide the most value possible from the vehicles.