Case Study

Electric Nation project

Western Power Distribution commissioned the installation of 700 charge points in peoples homes, this was called the Electric Nation project . The project focused on the local electricity networks that supply homes and small businesses the low voltage (LV) network.

  • Expand current understanding of the impact on electricity distribution networks of charging a diverse range of electric vehicles at home. This project is seeking to discover how the impact will be altered by different types of vehicles with different sizes of battery that charge at different rates.
  • Evaluate the reliability and acceptability to owners of EVs of smart charging systems and the influence these have on charging behaviour.
  • Develop a tool that will allow local network operators to identify which parts of their network are likely to be affected by the future adoption of EVs and recommend the most economical solution to solve any issues this could cause.
Case Study

Motion Hub

An Innovate UK project called Motionhub, aimed at enabling the end-to-end journey. The partners included Hour Bike (by the hour bike sharing), EValu8 Transport Innovations (who ran the Source East charging point network), Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and Transport Systems Catapult.

  • Delivered a MaaS platform for E-Car Club which encompassed car club, bike hire and rail services from a single platform
  • User interface enabled journey planning, booking and payments from a single site.
Case Study

Southwark Tunnel

The Highways agency identified that a system was required to detect traffic at Southwark Tunnel. This was necessary for two reasons firstly to make a timely response and render assistance to people and vehicles stranded in the tunnel. Secondly to avoid slow or stopped vehicle events, which had the potential to escalate into major incidents.