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E-Mobility and Sustainable Engineering Development

We are a sustainable transport system development company that focuses on Energy, e-Mobliity, Mobility as a Service and Intelligent Transport systems.

  • We have grown year on year for the last 4 years due to growth of demand in the target markets and the companies’ capacity to deliver.
  • Since we were founded four years ago ,our team has grown to include further industry experts and we now have a combined 15 years’ experience of working within EV infrastructure and vehicle manufacturers.
  • We have used this experience to create an agnostic chargepoint management system – Hubeleon.
  • Due to our extensive experience we are the people that the manufacturers (APT, Nissan, Nichicon), bring in to find a solution.
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Awards Winner of the 'Smart Cities Realised' Mayors Challenges awards 2018
Our History

Hangar 19 Company History

2015 – 2016

We began from the belief that charge point infrastructure should be open and accessible to all operating systems, with key stakeholders working together to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles. The reliability of the existing infrastructure was also called into question so we developed charge point test gear as our first hardware product to market.

2016 – 2017

Our core product Hubeleon launched, offering an agnostic charge point management system. The Dubai Electric Water Authority began using this platform to control all of the charging points in Dubai.

2017 – 2018

This year our team increased four fold so we required an office relocation. We began to work closely with Drive Electric and took steer of the Electric Nation project, on behalf of Western Power Distribution, as well as Connected Energy, Freemantle, Intel and Apple.

2018 – 2020

This has been the most exciting time for our industry and us as a company. We installed and controlled the first vehicle to grid charger in the UK to successfully discharge back into the grid. We designed and developed controllers for this purpose and our now distributing these to international markets.