Charge Point Management Systems

We develop Hubeleon, a chargepoint management system used widely through the eMobility industry by chargepoint operators (CPOs) and eMobility providers (eMPs). Hubeleon CPMS supports over 40 different types of chargepoint through various flavours of OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol).

Charge Point Development

We have designed many EV charge points supporting leading players in the eMobility market. With backgrounds in automotive, manufacturing and systems engineering we are leading innovators in our field. To fulfil their potential charge points should be smart, communicating devices engineered to provide reliable operation.

Energy Systems Control

We provide energy control systems for controlling electrical systems where EV charging introduces new challenges. Our Hubeleon platform and on site load management solutions can monitor solar, wind generation & storage devices; then control chargepoints relative to capacity a potential constrained supply.

Communications & IOT

We provide a wide range of communication and edge controller solutions to link hardware with cloud based system whilst providing resilience for communication downtime. Communication systems are changing with the arrival of IOT & new technologies. We optimise charging control without compromising on reliability.

Our services systems are used by a wide range of clients

  • Public chargepoint networks - CPMS with wide range of OCPP and chargepoint connectivity options, fully features system with revenue collection, asset management and integration layers for API connection to enterprise platforms and Open roaming and interoperability facilities.
  • Shared residential private parking, fleet and workplace charging - access control, revenue collection or energy reporting to track energy provision to users. Payment at point of service solutions agnostic of chargepoint manufacturer.
  • Integrated fault management, automated reporting and service level monitoring that helps asset owners optimise up time.

Energy Control Systems

  • Group control a site's peak demand through dynamic control of power delivery through chargepoints.
  • Balance solar generation, battery storage and chargepoint operation to optimise energy consumption.
  • Deliver charge point 'hubs' with mixtures of rapid and fast charging on sites where the incoming capacity cannot support max charging rates for all charge points simultaneously.
  • Control sites through OCPP as an OCPP local controller or using manufacturer specific protocols for parallel energy management to OCPP commercial back office operation.